Gas Target Model for the V4 region – towards a common approach

"Gas Target Model for the V4 region – towards a common approach" is a joint project of Centre for Eastern Studies (OSW)Regional Centre for Energy Policy Research (REKK) and Research Centre of the Slovak Foreign Policy Association (RC SFPA). The whole initiative is kindly supported by Visegrad Fund.


Description of the project

The project will list and analyze the available ways of implementing the EU Gas Target Model in the V4 countries, including full price zone mergers, trading regions, market coupling. The assumptions for each possible solution will be assessed against approved and likely developments in supplies and connections between the V4 countries and with neighbouring countries, with a view to fulfil the cryteria singled out in the Gas Target Model Document as proposed by the Council of European Economic Regulators and endorsed by the Madrid Forum.

The project will also consider the potential for the development of a regional hub with an associated gas exchange, and provide a preliminary estimate of the necessary infrastructure improvements and regulatory reform that may be required by each solution, notably regarding balancing, tariffs, capacity, allocation, operational rules. The main benefits, costs and transfers that may be entailed by each solution will be listed, and a road map will be outlined for the process leading to their full evaluation and final decision.


The final report was delivered on 19th June 2013.


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