Krzysztof Strachota
Department for the Turkey, Caucasus and Central Asia

Since 2001 Krzysztof Strachota has been the head of the Turkey, South Caucasus and Central Asia Department at the Centre for Eastern Studies (OSW) – a government-based think tank in Warsaw. His areas of expertise include politics and international relations in the South Caucasus, Central Asia and Turkey, and – in certain aspects – in the Middle East. He also focuses on cultural and social developments in those regions, including on the issues of identity and the role of Islam. He has authored and co-authored numerous analyses on these topics for key state institutions, including the President, the Prime Minister, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Parliament. He is responsible for editing all publications from his Department. In addition to this, Krzysztof Strachota has coordinated a number of OSW research projects, including studies of: the evolution of Islam in the Post-Soviet space; the “war on terror" after 2001; the military operations in Afghanistan and Iraq; and of the Arab Spring. He lectures at the University of Warsaw, and frequently comments on topics of his expertise in Polish newspapers and magazines. He regularly undertakes field studies in the regions of his interest. He graduated in cultural anthropology from the University of Warsaw in 1998.

  • Challenges for the stability of South Caucasus, Central Asia, Turkey and - in selected aspects - Middle East
  • Cultural changes (i.a. issues of identity, role of islam) in the region
Major publications: