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You need a commentary, interview or opinion by an OSW expert?

No problem, we will be glad to help. Just contact the Communications and Promotion Team respecting the rules of cooperation between the media and OSW:

Basic rules

  • According to the OSW Act it is a priority for the Centre for Eastern Studies to serve the Republic of Poland’s central administration with information on what is going on in Poland’s international surrounding. We want to promote our knowledge and make it available to others, however sometimes we have to refuse to give a commentary on any “breaking news” due to the necessity to focus on our basic tasks.
  • Our experts do not specialize in each and every field: we offer commentaries only on the events which are related to the situation in our area of interest (more on OSW’s mission) – i.e. mainly the countries neighbouring Poland, the Baltic, Balkan, Caucasus regions, Turkey and Central Asia. A detailed list of employees and their research areas is available here.
  • The Centre’s experts do not express their opinions on Poland’s foreign policy and do not comment Poland’s relations with other countries.
  • We are committed to promoting our expertise, not our experts. Therefore we prefer longer conversations and interviews. We are not interested in giving short comments which then are used as a background or a fragment of other larger materials.

Contact with an analyst

  • Communication with the analysts is possible via the Communications and Promotion Team.
  • Members of the Communications and Promotion Team are ready to help you contact the specific analyst or suggest a relevant person who specializes in the subject you are interested in. In case of doubts please contact.

Reprint of our texts

  • A reprint of texts published on the Centre’s website (both in traditional and electronic media) is possible only after contacting the Communications and Promotion Team and obtaining a prior consent.
  • Every reprinted text should provide the given name and surname of its author, information indicating the Centre for Eastern Studies’ website as its original source, the Centre’s logo and a link to the Centre’s website (www.osw.waw.pl).
  • We agree on submiting only fragments of our analyses available on the Centre’s website - up to 50 percent of the content - provided that the source is acknowledged and that a suitable link referring to the full content on the OSW website is given.
  • It is possible to reprint publication of the category "Analyses" exclusively.

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