About us

The Centre for Eastern Studies (OSW) was established in 1990 in Warsaw as a public institution. It was created to meet democratic Poland’s demand for analytical research on the processes that had occurred in the Soviet Union, and later in the states that emerged following its collapse. At present, the OSW’s portfolio includes Russia, Eastern and Central Europe, the Caucasus and Central Asia, the Balkans, Germany, the Baltic and Nordic states, China, Turkey and Israel. In addition, we carry out research focused on specific sectors, for example the EU’s energy policy, transport, trade and digital connectivity in Central Europe, as well as on European security.

The OSW holds the status of a state legal person on the basis of the parliamentary act of 15 July 2011. Its main tasks include:

  • preparing analyses, expert opinions and forecasts;
  • compiling reports about the major developments and political, social and economic processes occurring in Poland’s international neighbourhood, and making them available to Polish state administration;
  • inspiring, organising and conducting research focused on the states and regions from the OSW’s research areas;
  • spreading knowledge and expertise on the state of and future trends in the political, social and economic fields, and on the development of international relations in the OSW’s research areas;
  • promoting Polish analytical expertise abroad.

The OSW’s key tasks are funded from the state budget on the basis of an annual decision by the Polish Parliament. The Centre employs more than 40 analysts on a permanent basis. It is independent in its work. Its director is appointed by the Polish Prime Minister from among candidates nominated by the OSW’s seven-member bipartisan Board.