Karolina Zielińska
Karolina Zielińska
Junior Fellow
Israel-Europe Project

Graduate of the International Relations Institute at the Faculty of Journalism and Political Sciences, University of Warsaw (2005). PhD in social sciences in political science discipline (2018). Studied also at the Tampere University and University of Haifa and completed research scholarship at Ben Gurion University in Beer Sheva. Employee of the Centre since December 2019.

  • Internal and external policies of the State of Israel
Major publications
  •  Israeli Development Aid to Sub-Saharan Africa: Soft Power and Foreign Policy, Routledge, 2021.
  • The grand coalition government in Israel. New faces of the political crisis, OSW Commentary, 10.08.2020.
  • Między Planem Trumpa a rzeczywistością. Perspektywy aneksji izraelskich na Zachodnim Brzegu (Between the Trump Plan and reality. Perspectives of Israeli West Bank annexations), Komentarze OSW, 15.06.2020.
  • Israel’s Periphery Doctrine: Prospects for Defining and Studying a Foreign Policy Practice, Politické vedy, 23/2020, pp. 219-245.
  • Izrael i Jordania - dwadzieścia pięć lat po traktacie pokojowym (Israel and Jordan 25 years after the peace treaty), Sprawy Międzynarodowe, 2019 72(4), str. 161-180.
  • Changing Borders in a Changing Region: Civilian Dimension and Security Predicament at the Syrian-Israeli Border (co-authored with Nir Boms), Israel Affairs, 2019, vol. 25, issue 4, pp. 675-698.
  • Israel and the Southern De-escalation Zone: A Closer Look at the Israeli-Syrian Border (co-authored with Nir Boms), Tel Aviv Notes - Contemporary Middle East Analysis / Moshe Dayan Center for Middle Eastern and African Studies, Tel Aviv University, 12.07.2018.
  • Book Review (in Polish): Dmitri Trenin’s What is Russia up to in the Middle East, Polity Press 2018, Stosunki Międzynarodowe - International Relations, 2017, 53/4, pp. 245–248.
  • Relacje z krajami Afryki Subsaharyjskiej a sytuacja międzynarodowa Izraela w latach 1956-1973 (Sub-Saharan Africa in Israel’s Foreign Policy 1956–1973), Stosunki Międzynarodowe - International Relations, 1 / 2016, pp. 247-270.
  • Development diplomacy. Development aid as part of public diplomacy in the pursuit of foreign policy aims: theoretical and practical considerations, Historia i Polityka, 16 (23) 2016, pp. 9-26.
  • Stosunki syryjsko-palestyńskie (Syro-Palestinian relations) – book based on M.A. thesis, Fundacja Stosunków Międzynarodowych, 2007, 160 pages. 
  • Konstruowanie historii i współczesności: teoria postemocjonalizmu a konflikt bośniacki (Constructing history and contemporaneity: post-emotionalism theory and the Bosnian conflict), Studia Międzynarodowe, 3 (1-4), 2007, pp. 265-292.
  • Kwestia palestyńska w kontekście syryjskiego zaangażowania w Libanie (Palestinian question in the context of the Syrian engagement in Lebanon), Stosunki Międzynarodowe – International Relations, 1-2 / 2006, pp. 134-149.