OSW experts in Romania

On 28th March a conference was held in Bucharest on the subject of Polish-Romanian co-operation. The conference was organised by the Romanian think tank New Strategy Center in collaboration with the Centre for Eastern Studies (OSW) and the foundation Institute of Eastern Studies (which organises the Economic Forum in Krynica).

The following speakers, among others, participated in the first panel which was devoted to co-operation in the Bucharest 9 format (B9): the Romanian foreign minister Teodor Melescanu, the Polish deputy foreign minister Bartosz Cichocki and the vice-chair of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Polish Sejm, Malgorzata Gosiewska. The CES director, Adam Eberhardt, was one of the moderators of the panel.

Bogdan Aurescu, an aide to the Romanian president in the area of foreign affairs, members of the Polish parliament Jerzy Polaczek and Bogdan Rzońca as well as Jakub Groszkowski, the Head of Central European Department at the CES, were among the speakers on the second panel on the Three Seas Initiative and economic development of the region.

On 23rd March an international conference was held in Oradea on the subject of the Via Carpatia route. During the conference an agreement was signed between four regions of western Romania about co-operation in the construction of the route. At the conference Deputy Director of the CES, Mateusz Gniazdowski, gave a presentation about opportunities for development linked to the construction of the transport route between Poland and Romania and the potential for inter-regional and cross-border collaboration on the Via Carpatia route.