"Modern China - power or fragility?" The Centre's Debate

On Friday, September 27th, during the annual meeting of employees, associates and friends of the Centre for Eastern Studies, a debate took place devoted to the condition of modern China. A superpower or a rising state? A country with an "expansionism gene" or the eternal Middle Kingdom? Was communism a shortphenomenon in the history of China, or did it change their essence? Are we dealing with a monolith only touched by particularisms - or a country engulfed in contradictions?

This questions - but also the prices of pork, which appear to be crucial for social order, the disappearing monuments of Confucius and the scenarios of future strength tests in foreign policy - were discussed by dr Justyna Szczudlik from the Polish Institute of International Affairs, prof. Dominik Mierzejewski from the Center for Asian Affairs of the University of Lodz, editor-in-chief of the New Confederation thinkzine Bartłomiej Radziejewski and Jakub Jakóbowski, an analyst at the Centre for Eastern Studies. The discussion was moderated by the OSW director, Dr. Adam Eberhardt.

You are invited to watch the film record of the debate and to read latest OSW Report "The Communist Party of China and its state. The Conservative comeback  of Xi Jinping” (English version to be published soon) by Michał Bogusz and Jakub Jakóbowski that was promoted during the debate.