A visit by the presidiums of parliamentary groups for Polish-Slovak cooperation

The OSW hosted a visit by representatives of the presidiums of the Polish-Slovak Parliamentary Group at the Sejm of the Republic of Poland and of the Friendship Group with the Republic of Poland at the National Council of the Slovak Republic. The meeting focused on the border crisis, Belarus’s hostile actions targeting the EU, and the present challenges related to managing the EU’s external border. Other issues discussed included cooperation in the expansion of transport infrastructure between Poland and Slovakia, for example in the context of facilitating the development of the eastern regions of both states, and boosting the cohesion of the eastern part of the EU.

At the meeting, the Slovak side was represented by members of the National Council of Slovakia, Anna Andrejuvová and Zita Pleštinská, and Michal Šipoš, head of the Polish-Slovak parliamentary group and head of the OĽANO parliamentary grouping. The Polish side was represented by the Sejm deputies Jerzy Polaczek, head of the Polish-Slovak Parliamentary Group, and Jan Szopiński, the Group’s deputy head.