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Winning the war with Russia

The West’s counter-strategy towards Moscow
Winning the War with Russia

Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine is aimed at subjugating or destroying this country, upending the current political and security order in Europe and forcing a major revision of the global order. The conflict is systemic and will continue as long as Putin’s dictatorial regime remains in power in Moscow. Although Russia is failing in Ukraine, it has not abandoned its maximalist goals. It is crucial to weaken Russia’s ability to wage this war and to foster regime change. These efforts should include a short-term surge of pressure through support for Ukraine to help it achieve decisive success on the battlefield as well as a long-term strategy of confrontation with Russia based on several political, economic and security pillars. This requires further consolidation of the Western community in the political, security and economic areas, public acceptance of the strategy’s goals and the formation of a global coalition of countries to defend the basic principles of the international order.