OSW Studies

Turkey - an energy transit corridor to the EU?

Main points

1. The priority of Ankara's energy policy is to make Turkey an important transit corridor for energy resources transported to the EU. Turkey wishes to play an active role in the distribution and sale of gas and oil flowing across its territory.

2. Transit and sale of energy resources, and gas in particular, are expected to provide a major source of income for Turkey and a tool by which Ankara will be able to build its position in the region and in Europe.

3. Since Turkey is an EU candidate country, Brussels will probably welcome Turkey's role as a transit corridor as much as Ankara will.

4. The success of Ankara's energy strategy hinges on developments in Turkey's internal energy market.

5. It also depends on a number of external factors including:
- Export policies and internal situation in producer countries.
Most importantly, it depends on:
a. Russia and its energy policy priorities
b. Stability in the Middle East.
- Policies of consumer countries, including the EU in particular.
- Policies of world powers present in the region (USA).