Ukraine’s migration monitoring: forced and labour mobility

Our institution become the member of international research team of four partners: Geographic Migration Centre GEOMIGRACE (Czech Republic), Slovak Foreign Policy Association (Slovakia), Europe Without Barriers (Ukraine) and Centre for Eastern Studies (Poland), who are aimed at systematic monitoring of current migration dynamics in Ukraine (both internal and international migration, particularly to V4 and the EU).

It is one year project sponsored by International Visegrad Fund.

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On September 11 the final seminar presenting the results of the project was held. The project was financed by the International Visegrad Fund, and executed by the consortium of research institutes form Czechia, Poland, Slovakia and Ukraine. The project was coordinated by Geomigrace from Charles University in Prague. Centre for Eastern Studies (OSW) was responsible for the execution of research in Poland.

The main project's result was a book analysing changes in the migration trends in Ukraine following the eruption of armed conflict in Eastern Ukraine and the annexation of Crimea by Russia.

As a result of an eruption of the armed conflict and the general deterioration of security situation in Ukraine followed by the economic downturn that country experienced in 2014-2015, approximately 1.8 million people were internally displaced. Moreover the migration aspirations have grown in the Ukrainian society. However so far, the international migration to the Visegrad states has not been considerable with the exception of Poland due to its relatively liberal migration policy and the exiting demand at the labour market. The evolution can though be observed when it comes to the migration patterns: more Ukrainian citizens prefer long-term migration, in particular people originating from Central and Eastern Ukraine. Many migrants, previsuly workind in Russia decide to re-direct towards the Visegrad counitres.

Download the publication in pdf format:

Ukrainian Migration in Times of Crisis: Forced and Labour Mobility, Dušan Drbohlav, Marta Jaroszewicz (editors)


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