Anna Kwiatkowska
Anna Kwiatkowska
, Ph.D.
Department for Germany and Northern Europe

Studied Arabic at the Tashkent University (Uzbekistan) and obtained a degree in Applied Linguistics from the University of Vienna.

Doctor of Philosophy in Political Science.

From 1997, chief specialist dealing with Polish-German relations and cross-border and inter-regional co-operation at the Department for International Co-operation of the Ministry of Interior and Administration.
Between 1997 and 2001, executive secretary of the Polish-German Intergovernmental Commission for Regional and Cross-border Co-operation and the Joint Polish-Flemish Commssion.

Member of European Network Remembrance and Solidarity.

Since 2005, at the Centre for Eastern Studies as the founder and head of the Germany Team.

  • foregin and internal policy of Germany and the German politics of memory
Major publications