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Point of View | | Mateusz Chudziak

The Republic of Turkey has been undergoing a thorough transformation since 2002 under the rule of the Justice and Development Party (AKP). On the ideological level this transformation entered a decisive stage after the coup of 15 July…

Point of View | | Aleksandra Jarosiewicz

The crisis in EU-Russia relations over Ukraine has made the two players interested in the Southern Gas Corridor once again.

Point of View | | Krzysztof Strachota

The world is fascinated with the phenomenon of Islamic State, failing to notice that the whole region is going through a crisis.

Point of View | | Marek Matusiak

Since 2002 Turkey has seen a replacement of the state’s elites, a real change of the political system and a redefinition of the state identity.

Point of View | | Szymon Ananicz

Turkey’s growing international isolation is a consequence of the country ever more fully subordinating its foreign policy to the ideology of the ruling party.

Point of View | | Szymon Ananicz

Despite a growing assertiveness in Ankara’s relations with Brussels, Turkey will continue to seek closer integration with the EU in the coming years.

Point of View | | Krzysztof Strachota

The Kurdish issue remains a serious challenge to the stability and security of both Turkey and much of the Middle East. Over the last ten years, however, the region has witnessed substantial major changes (including, Turkey’s socio-…

OSW Report | | Adam Balcer, Wojciech Konończuk, Marek Menkiszak, Marcin Andrzej Piotrowski, Jerzy Rohoziński, Rafał Sadowski, Wojciech Tworkowski

The evaluation of Turkey's standpoint and potential regarding the aforementioned issues is especially important, considering the tensions existing in Turkey's relations with the EU and the USA, as well as the West's increasing…

OSW Report | | Wojciech Paczyński, Rafał Sadowski, Adam Balcer

The start of accession negotiations between Ankara and the EU is vital for the future of both Turkey and the Union, including Poland as its member state, as well as for the geopolitical situation in Eurasia (the Black Sea…

OSW Studies | | Agata Łoskot-Strachota

The priority of Ankara's energy policy is to make Turkey an important transit corridor for energy resources transported to the EU. Turkey wishes to play an active role in the distribution and sale of gas and oil flowing across its…