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The coup as a founding myth. The ideological pillars of the New Turkey

The coup as a founding myth

The Republic of Turkey has been undergoing a thorough transformation since 2002 under the rule of the Justice and Development Party (AKP). On the ideological level this transformation entered a decisive stage after the coup of 15 July 2016 which was thwarted by the government’s supporters. The coup is treated as a modern political myth that has been employed by the government to build a comprehensive story of a Turkey it governs, and to define the fundamental values and identity of the state.

Turkey is becoming an even more difficult partner for the West after the failed coup. Inherent in its founding myth is a strong anti-Western and anti-liberal trend based on a political system strongly relying on one leader. However, this does not mean that a Turkey with a government model of this kind will automatically become a close ally of other anti-Western countries (such as Russia and Iran) and build a camp with them that would be in competition with the West. In this context, Turkey above all emphasises its own sovereignty. Furthermore, it is not looking for points of reference in other countries because it is a model for itself.