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Analyses | | Artur Ciechanowicz

In the evening on 19 December a truck drove into one of the Berlin Christmas markets.

Analyses | | Artur Ciechanowicz

The German chancellor was elected the leader of the CDU, by a clear majority of voters, for the ninth time (in 16 years).

Analyses | | Rafał Bajczuk

The European Commission published its winter package – a series of legislative proposals  regarding the EU energy and climate policies for 2020-2030. 

Analyses | | Konrad Popławski

On 25 November, the Bundestag adopted a draft budget; for the fourth time in succession, Germany will not run a budget deficit.

Analyses | | Artur Ciechanowicz

Angela Merkel announced that she would again seek re-election for the office of chancellor as her party’s candidate. 

Analyses | | Konrad Popławski

Even now, some time after the election in USA, shock still dominates both the media coverage and the statements by representatives of the political elite.

Analyses | | Kamil Frymark

The Christian Democratic parties have accepted the proposal made by Social Democrats to back Frank-Walter Steinmeier as a candidate for the German presidency.

OSW Commentary | | Agata Łoskot-Strachota

European Commission announced its decision setting out the rules for increased utilisation by the Russian gas company Gazprom of the OPAL pipeline.

Analyses | | Artur Ciechanowicz

Lower-ranking politicians in Germany openly expressed their disappointment and concern about the outcome of the election in the USA. 

OSW Commentary | | Kamil Frymark

Posing as an architect of the peace process in Ukraine, Germany has indirectly become a hostage to the success of this process (or the lack of it).