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Analyses | | Artur Ciechanowicz

In the election to choose the party leaders ahead of the election campaign for the Bundestag, the Green Party opted for Katrin Göring-Eckardt and Cem Özdemir.

Analyses | | Artur Ciechanowicz

On 24th January, the SPD chairman Sigmar Gabriel announced that he would not stand for the position of chancellor and would also step down as the party’s chair.

OSW Commentary | | Konrad Popławski

Recent acquisitions of German companies by Chinese investors indicate that Germany is struggling to defend its interests.

OSW Commentary | | Agata Łoskot-Strachota

The record volumes of gas supplied via the OPAL and Nord Stream pipeline have been accompanied by controversy over the rules for utilisation of the OPAL pipeline’s capacity.

OSW Report | | Artur Ciechanowicz

Since the beginning of the civil war in Syria, around 810 individuals from Germany have travelled to the Middle East to support Islamic terror groups.