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OSW Commentary | | Martyna Wasiuta
Against the backdrop of the CEE region, the Czech Republic stands out when it comes to the digitisation of the country’s economy and society. The achievements of its private sector in this field make it one of the leaders of digitisation…
OSW Commentary | | Krzysztof Dębiec, Michał Kędzierski
Lignite still plays an important role in the Czech and German power industries, remaining one of their key sources of electricity. These countries, together with Poland, are the largest producers and consumers of this fuel in the EU. The…
OSW Commentary | | Krzysztof Dębiec
The deal finalising the sale of Nova TV to PPF on 13 October 2020 completed the process of key Czech media organisations being taken over by local capital. At the beginning of 2008, foreign entities controlled the vast majority of the…
OSW Commentary | | Kamil Całus
On 3 November, the Romanian parliament declared that 4 June would be a new public holiday commemorating the signing of the Treaty of Trianon on that day in 1920. This document formalised the transfer of large territories then belonging to…
OSW Commentary | | Agata Łoskot-Strachota, Szymon Kardaś
On 10 September, the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) annulled a decision issued by the European Commission on 28 October 2016 allowing the Russian Gazprom to send greater volumes of gas through the OPAL pipeline. The CJEU…
OSW Commentary | | Tadeusz Iwański, Andrzej Sadecki
For nearly one year relations between Hungary and Ukraine have been plunged in the worst crisis since the collapse of the USSR.
OSW Commentary | | Agata Łoskot-Strachota
The record volumes of gas supplied via the OPAL and Nord Stream pipeline have been accompanied by controversy over the rules for utilisation of the OPAL pipeline’s capacity.
OSW Commentary | | Jakub Jakóbowski
The development of the ‘16+1’ format largely reflected China’s strategic aims defined at the beginning of the diplomatic offensive in the region.
OSW Commentary | | Jakub Groszkowski
Since the beginning of the Ukrainian-Russian conflict, the position of Slovakia’s left-wing government towards Russia has been ambiguous.
OSW Commentary | | Marcin Kaczmarski
Regardless of the limited effectiveness of activities carried out so far, China has continued its ‘16+1’ initiative.