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OSW Report | | Marek Menkiszak, Jan Strzelecki, Piotr Żochowski, Andrzej Wilk, Maria Domańska, Iwona Wiśniewska
Moscow has been developing a new model of governance for Kaliningrad Oblast in 2016. The changes in the regional government (the governance of the oblast was entrusted to people sent from Moscow and had no links with the region) were part…
OSW Commentary | | Marek Menkiszak
Immediately after the announcement of the American election results, Russian President Vladimir Putin congratulated Donald Trump on his victory.
OSW Studies | | Kamil Kłysiński, Piotr Żochowski
The Russian narrative on Belarus changed in 2014, when Russian expert circles and the government elite essentially redefined their perception of their Belarusian ally in the context of the conflict in Ukraine and the escalation of tensions…
OSW Commentary | | Marcin Kaczmarski, Witold Rodkiewicz
Russia has ultimately opted for the strategy of joining a stronger partner instead of choosing the strategy of counterbalancing the rising power of China.
OSW Studies | | Jolanta Darczewska
The question about the role of the armed forces in the information space is in fact a question about the role of the factor of force in the Kremlin’s policy.
OSW Commentary | | Piotr Żochowski, Maria Domańska
The relations between Russia’s authorities and business circles are subordinated not so much to rational economic calculations as to the interests of political elites.
OSW Commentary | | Maciej Falkowski
The situation in the Northern Caucasus bears greater resemblance to the Middle East than to Russia.
OSW Commentary | | Maria Domańska, Szymon Kardaś
The Western financial sanctions are not the main source of the problems in the Russian economy, but they have significantly weakened its general state.
OSW Studies | | Szymon Kardaś
It is now difficult to say that Russia is following a coherent oil strategy vis-a-vis the EU.
OSW Commentary | | Marcin Kaczmarski, Szymon Kardaś
Energy cooperation is and will remain the most important component of Russian-Chinese economic relations.