OSW Studies

Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia's aspirations to integrate with NATO and the EU in the context of these countries' relations with Russia

Membership of NATO and the EU is apriority of the foreign policies of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. The main stimulus that drives these membership aspirations is the will to ensure the security of these countries and to ultimately separate them from the post-Soviet space. Additionally, the authorities of the Baltic States believe that membership of both these organisations will make their counties more attractive for Western investors. The way to implement these priorities is not only through consistent adjustments to the standards prevailing in NATO and the EU, but it also involves refusing to join the post-Soviet structures and seeking out states that are willing to strongly support the Baltic StatesÕ aspirations. The implementation of this policy has resulted in the status of the Baltic StatesÕ preparations for membership in both international structures being assessed as good, and they are r e c koned to be realistic candidates for NATO and EU enlargement.