Ukraine: more agreements for Ukrainian-Russian co-operation prepared

On 12 May, Ukraine’s first deputy PM Andriy Kluyev presented parliament with information concerning five Ukrainian-Russian agreements on co-operation, which have been prepared for signing during Russian President Dmitri Medvedev’s visit to Kyiv, planned for 17 May. None of them concern energy or any sensitive questions concerning co-operation in other sectors. This confirms the assumption that Ukrainian negotiators have taken a tough stance on questions concerning the economic interests of Ukraine and Ukrainian business.

At the opposition’s request, the government presented parliament with information on the state of negotiations concerning agreements in Ukrainian-Russian co-operation. Five accords will be signed during the Russian president’s visit: an international agreement on the demarcation of state borders; an intergovernmental agreement on co-operation in the development and use of the GLONASS satellite navigation system; an agreement on the co-operation of Ukreksimbank and Vneshtorgbank; an interdepartmental agreement on scientific co-operation, and a programme for cultural co-operation. These agreements are not controversial, and have not met with any serious resistance from the opposition.
From this information, it appears that Russia has not succeeded in imposing its terms on Kyiv in issues concerning energy resources, co-operation in aviation or the shipbuilding industry - and therefore failed in negotiating appropriate agreements. Russia’s strategic aims in relation to Ukraine, which were presented in the draft agreement revealed this April, will presumably be implemented gradually and in the longer term, considering the current economic interests of Ukraine and its businessmen. <AnG>