Mission statement

The Centre for Eastern Studies (OSW) is an independent public research institution monitoring the events and analysing the socio-political and economic processes taking place in Russia, Germany, Ukraine, Belarus, the Baltic states, the Visegrad Group states, the Balkan states and Turkey. The Centre also carries out regional research projects focused on security, integration of energy markets, migration and integration processes in Germany, Central Europe, the Balkans, the Caucasus, Central Asia, the Nordic-Baltic and the Black Sea regions.

Each year the Centre publishes several hundred analytical papers: from short analyses and expert commentaries to detailed studies addressed to anyone interested in Poland’s international surrounding. The Centre also serves as a platform for discussion and cooperation between experts and representatives of Poland’s state administration.

The Centre was established in 1990 as a public institution financed from the central administration budget. The status of a state legal person it has held since 2012 was granted to it on the basis of the act of July 2011. In line with the act the Centre’s main task is to compile information on significant events and political, social and economic processes taking place in Poland’s international surrounding and make it available to Poland’s state authorities, prepare analyses, expert opinions and forecast studies. The Centre employs around 50 analysts. The Centre’s basic activity is fully funded from public resources.