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OSW Commentary | | Jan Strzelecki

The economic crisis in Russia is affecting the uncompetitive post-Soviet economies which are dependent on Moscow.

OSW Commentary | | Aleksandra Jarosiewicz, Ewa Fischer

While the Kremlin presents the EEU as the Eurasian equivalent of the European Union, the project is in reality an imitation of integration.

Analyses | | Iwona Wiśniewska
This document is intended to replace more than 100 bilateral agreements which currently govern free trade between these countries. The free trade area can only come into force when all the signatory states ratify it.
OSW Studies | | Maciej Falkowski

The Southern Caucasus and Central Asia are priority areas for the foreign policy of the Russian Federation. Russia mainly sees its influence in both regions as an important factor determining its international stature, and as a…

OSW Studies | | Anna Wołowska

Caspian stocks of energy resources are not, and most probably will not be, of any great significance on the world scale. Nevertheless it is the Caspian region which will have the opportunity to become an oil exporter which will reduce…