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Analyses | | Witold Rodkiewicz

On 15–16 December, the Russian President Vladimir Putin paid an official visit to Japan, which had originally been scheduled for 2014.

Analyses | | Szymon Kardaś

During President Vladimir Putin’s meeting with Igor Sechin a public announcement was made about the privatisation of a 19.5% stake in Rosneft. 

Analyses | | Szymon Kardaś

On 30 November in Vienna, the OPEC countries concluded an agreement on reducing oil production by about 1.2 million b/d (barrels per day).

Analyses | | Witold Rodkiewicz

On 30 November, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a new Foreign Policy Concept of the Russian Federation (the fifth in the history of post-Soviet Russia).

Analyses | | Piotr Żochowski, Maria Domańska

The Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation issued a statement on the detention of Aleksei Ulukayev, the minister for economic development.

Analyses | | Witold Rodkiewicz

During Vladimir Putin’s visit to India on 15-16 October, a series of documents on cooperation in the military-technological and energy fields was signed. 

Analyses | | Iwona Wiśniewska, Maria Domańska

The governmental draft amendment to the budget for 2016 was submitted to parliament on 10 October.

Analyses | | Kamil Kłysiński, Szymon Kardaś

Russia and Belarus had been unable to reach an agreement concerning co-operation in the oil sector. On 10 October a compromise was reached.

Analyses | | Mateusz Chudziak, Szymon Kardaś, Witold Rodkiewicz

The visit of the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, to Turkey on 10 October signals a return to the instrumental partnership.

Analyses | | Piotr Żochowski

On 8 October the Russian Ministry of Defence confirmed that an Iskander-M missile complex  had been transported to the territory of the Kaliningrad region.