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Analyses | | Wojciech Konończuk, Agata Wierzbowska-Miazga

The Geneva agreement does not mean that Kyiv is beginning to regain the initiative, nor will it have any real impact on the situation in eastern Ukraine.

Analyses | | Jakub Groszkowski

Slovakia’s good relations with Gazprom have a decisive impact on Bratislava’s stance on the reversal issue.

Analyses | | Wojciech Konończuk

The development of the Ukrainian crisis, including the possible destabilisation of other regions, will depend on whether Kyiv accepts Moscow’s demands.

Analyses | | Arkadiusz Sarna

The prolonged political crisis in Ukraine has contributed to the deepening of its economic recession, which has already lasted almost two years.

Analyses | | Tadeusz Iwański, Marek Menkiszak

The events of recent days would not have been possible without Russian support for the weak separatist forces in the region.

Analyses | | Kamil Całus, Agata Wierzbowska-Miazga

By fomenting separatism in Moldova’s regions, Russia wants to prevent Moldova from signing an Association Agreement with the EU.

Analyses | | Tadeusz A Olszański

The Kurultai’s (national quasi-parliament) statement demonstrates their effective acceptance of the status quo.

Analyses | | Marek Menkiszak

Russia is treating negotiations with the West as a key instrument for achieving its political goals regarding Ukraine.

Analyses | | Tadeusz A Olszański

The main contenders are from the same political camp and, to varying degrees, can count on support throughout the country.