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OSW Commentary | | Krzysztof Strachota

The citizens of Turkey voted in a national referendum to amend the constitution. This will lead to a radical strengthening of the president’s power.

OSW Commentary | | Tadeusz A. Olszański

The political situation in Ukraine is determined primarily by the ongoing war, and the situation of stalemate at the front is raising the level of public impatience.

Analyses | | Witold Rodkiewicz

Russian Federation vetoed a draft resolution concerning the investigation into the chemical attack which took place in Khan Sheikhoun.

Analyses | | Agata Łoskot-Strachota, Szymon Kardaś, Rafał Bajczuk

On 24 April in Paris, Nord Stream 2 AG signed agreements regarding the financing of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline construction project.

OSW Commentary | | Józef Lang

Over the past fifteen years, the presence in Russia of several million labour migrants from Central Asia has been a key determinant of the region’s stability.

Analyses | | Marek Menkiszak

On 11-12 April, the US secretary of state Rex Tillerson made his first state visit to Moscow.

Analyses | | Aleksandra Jarosiewicz

The parliamentary election on 2 April has led to the consolidation of Armenia’s political scene.

Analyses | | Konrad Popławski, , Kamil Frymark

The German government passed a bill imposing on social networking portals the obligation to block or remove untrue information and hate speech.

Analyses | | Justyna Gotkowska

On 5 April a new organisational structure was formed as part of the Bundeswehr: the Cyber and Information Space (Cyber-und Informationsraum, CIR). 

OSW Commentary | | Józef Lang

The terrorist attacks in Stockholm and Saint Petersburg were preceded by other large scale terrorist attacks conducted by Islamic radicals from Central Asia.