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Analyses | | Tadeusz A Olszański

The SBU chief's sacking revealed a new dispute and reminds us that there is a rivalry in Ukraine between the government and the oligarchs.

Analyses | | Kamil Całus, Jan Strzelecki

The media in Russia and Transnistria are building up the threat of war from Ukraine and Moldova against the separatist republic. The Ukrainian parliament’s termination on 21 May of the agreement with Russia on the transit of Russian…

OSW Commentary | | Tomasz Piechal

The overriding goal of the governments of the so-called "People's Republics" is to maintain and develop their military potential.

OSW Commentary | | Tadeusz Iwański

The drop in Ukraine’s GDP by nearly 18% in the first three months of 2015 has confirmed the decline of the country’s economy.

Analyses | | Kamil Całus

The unexpected escalation of social tensions testifies to the discreditation of the ruling coalition.

OSW Commentary | | Tomasz Piechal

Separatist sentiments have been successfully dampened down, but the region may be destabilised by the upcoming local elections.