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Analyses | | Konrad Popławski

Sigmar Gabriel’s visit was in accordance with the principles of German policy towards countries such as China or Russia.

Analyses | | Marta Szpala

The compromise achieved under EU and US pressure has led to a reduction of tension in the country.

Analyses | | Szymon Ananicz

The governing Justice and Development Party (AKP) sees the anti-terrorist campaign as a way to reverse the negative trends in the region.

OSW Report | | Kamil Frymark

For years, development policy has attracted the attention of public opinion in Germany and been strongly supported by the public.

Analyses | | Konrad Popławski

The deal struck with Greece overnight on 12 and 13 July has proven that Germany has an ever stronger position in the eurozone.

Analyses | | Marta Szpala

There is no political will in region to investigate and settle war crimes, or to bring those who committed them to account.

Analyses | | Tadeusz Iwański, Piotr Żochowski

The incident in Mukachevo has revealed the failings of the public safety system which are characteristic of the whole country.

Analyses | | Maciej Falkowski

Recent events in the region indicate that the end of the Caucasus Emirate as an armed terrorist organisation and a political project is approaching.

Analyses | | Marta Szpala, Andrzej Sadecki

Since 2014 the number of immigrants attempting to enter the EU illegally via the Western Balkans countries has significantly increased.

Analyses | | Kamil Całus

The local election results have been very satisfactory for the pro-European parties, especially in the context of the bad public mood.