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Analyses | | Marta Szpala

The prime ministers of Macedonia and Greece met on 24 January in Davos for the first time since 2010.

Analyses | | Tomasz Dąborowski

On 29 January, the Romanian parliament passed a vote of confidence in Viorica Dăncilă’s centre-left government. 

Analyses | | Maria Domańska

On 28 January, meetings organised by Aleksei Navalny’s network were held in more than 100 cities in Russia under the slogan of ‘the voters’ strike’.

Analyses | | Krzysztof Dębiec

On 26–27 January, President Miloš Zeman was elected for a second five-year term winning 51.4% of the vote.

Analyses | | Mariusz Marszewski, Mateusz Chudziak

On 20 January, Turkey launched Operation Olive Branch, aimed at the Afrin region in northern Syria.

Analyses | | Sławomir Matuszak

On 11 January, the IMF’s Mission Chief for Ukraine sent a letter to the Presidential Administration criticising the presidential Anti-Corruption Court bill.

Analyses | | Krzysztof Strachota, Mateusz Chudziak

On 7th January the Syrian army launched an offensive against the Sunni opposition forces in the Idlib province.

Analyses | | Jakub Groszkowski

The first round of the presidential elections in the Czech Republic (12-13 January) was won by the current President Miloš Zeman (with 38.6% of the vote).

Analyses | | Marta Szpala

Most deputies in the ruling coalition made an attempt to repeal the law creating the Specialist Chambers and Specialist Prosecutor’s Office based in the Hague.

Analyses | | Wojciech Górecki

On 5 January, the Tbilisi city court of first instance sentenced the former President of Georgia Mikheil Saakashvili to three years in prison.