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OSW Commentary | | Piotr Szymański
International interest in Greenland has been growing for several years. This trend is a result of the increasing global competition between the US, China and Russia (including in the Arctic) and the acceleration of climate change, which is…
OSW Commentary | | Jakub Jakóbowski
Joe Biden’s victory in the US presidential election means that Washington will continue its confrontational policy towards Beijing. At the same time, it will clearly change its tactics and attempt to mobilise the US’s network of alliances…
OSW Commentary | | Michał Bogusz
The protests in the Special Administrative Region of Hong Kong have been going on since March, and were triggered by a bill allowing extradition of inhabitants of the region to the People’s Republic of China. The demonstrations are…
OSW Commentary | | Jakub Jakóbowski, Mariusz Marszewski
The currency crisis, caused by the collapse in gas prices, has turned into the most serious social and political crisis in the history of Turkmenistan.
OSW Commentary | | Jakub Jakóbowski, Konrad Popławski
Donald Trump’s aggressive policy towards Beijing and the spectre of a trade war have served as a catalyst for the resumption of dialogue between China and the EU. 
OSW Commentary | | Jakub Jakóbowski
Donald Trump has pursued his strategy of stepping up pressure on Beijing by threatening it with a tariff war since March 2018. 
OSW Commentary | | Jakub Jakóbowski, Michał Bogusz
At its annual session in March 2018, the National People’s Congress approved a series of changes to the structure and organisation of the Central People’s Government.
OSW Commentary | | Marcin Kaczmarski, Jakub Jakóbowski
Despite China’s growing involvement in Central and Eastern Europe, Beijing has not succeeded in making an attractive offer to the region’s EU member states.
OSW Commentary | | Konrad Popławski
Recent acquisitions of German companies by Chinese investors indicate that Germany is struggling to defend its interests.
OSW Commentary | | Jakub Jakóbowski, Marcin Kaczmarski
A dispute between EU and China regarding the interpretation of the conditions of Beijing’s accession to the WTO and the future of trade relations.