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Analyses | | Joanna Hyndle-Hussein
By taking control of Gazprom’s shares, Lithuania has marked the beginning of new relations between Vilnius and the Russian company.
Analyses | | Marek Matusiak
Despite the good results, the scale of Georgian Dream’s victory is less than pre-election expectations.
Analyses | | Szymon Kardaś, Wojciech Konończuk
Both countries are prepared for lengthy litigation as they are aware that the future model of bilateral gas co-operation is at stake.
Analyses | | Tadeusz Iwański, Witold Rodkiewicz
Although peaceful dialogue will continue, it must be doubtful that this will bring any lasting political settlement of the conflict.
OSW Commentary | | Szymon Kardaś
The signing of the 30-year contract ends the long negotiation process initiated in the 1990s.
Analyses | | Marta Szpala
The contradictory statements concerning the future of the South Stream project should be interpreted in the broader context of the Serbian-Russian game.
Analyses | | Szymon Ananicz
Turkey’s decision marks a change in its policy towards jihadists. Until recently, Ankara had turned a blind eye on their presence.
Analyses | | Tomasz Dąborowski
Due to pressure from the EU and increasing criticism from the US, Prime Minister Plamen Oresharski announced that the South Stream would be withheld.
Analyses | | Szymon Kardaś
The further reduction of Gazprom’s export monopoly will not be a process of de-monopolisation in the strict sense.
Analyses | | Andrzej Wilk, Piotr Żochowski, Wojciech Konończuk
After two months, the ongoing anti-terrorist operation has not brought about a breakthrough in the situation in eastern Ukraine.