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Analyses | | Mariusz Marszewski
On 10 January early presidential elections combined with a referendum on the state’s political system (presidential vs. parliamentary) were held in Kyrgyzstan. According to information provided by the Central Election Commission, Sadyr…
OSW Commentary | | Mariusz Marszewski, Krzysztof Strachota
On 15 October Kyrgyzstan’s president, Sooronobay Jeenbekov, resigned from his position and his duties were taken over by the opposition leader, Sadyr Japarov. The change in power was brought about by large-scale protests which broke out on…
Analyses | | Mariusz Marszewski
On 8th August, the former president of Kyrgyzstan, Almazbek Atambayev, was temporarily detained. His arrest was preceded by two failed special forces raids on his residence which had left one soldier dead and several people wounded (…
Analyses | | Wojciech Górecki
According to preliminary results, the presidential election in Kyrgyzstan held on 15 October, was won by the former prime minister, Sooronbay Jeenbekov.
Analyses | | Józef Lang
24 grudnia prezydent Kirgistanu Ałmazbek Atambajew złożył wizytę w Uzbekistanie.
OSW Commentary | | Jan Strzelecki
The economic crisis in Russia is affecting the uncompetitive post-Soviet economies which are dependent on Moscow.
Analyses | | Aleksandra Jarosiewicz
Bishkek is hoping that its accession to the EEU will make life easier for Kyrgyz migrant workers in Russia and Kazakhstan.
OSW Commentary | | Aleksandra Jarosiewicz, Ewa Fischer
While the Kremlin presents the EEU as the Eurasian equivalent of the European Union, the project is in reality an imitation of integration.
Analyses | | Aleksandra Jarosiewicz, Józef Lang
The Russian investments in Kyrgyzstan show that Russia is ready to strengthen its presence in Central Asia by using economic tools also.
Analyses | | Józef Lang
The latest clashes represent the largest border incident in the region for years, but the same problem is chronic throughout the Fergana Valley.