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Analyses | | Kamil Całus
The pro-European forces beat the pro-Russian parties by a small margin in the parliamentary election on 30 November in Moldova.
OSW Commentary | | Adam Eberhardt
The very recognition of the Eurasian Union as a party to the talks by the EU would set a precedent with significant consequences for European security.
Analyses | | Tadeusz A Olszański
The agreement is quite a voluminous document and sets an ambitious reform agenda covering almost all areas of state governance.
Analyses | | Kamil Całus
Surveys conducted in recent months indicate a clear improvement in the ratings for the two main pro-European parties.
OSW Commentary | | Kamil Całus
In recent months Russia has increasingly used instruments for exerting economic pressure on Moldova.
Analyses | | Kamil Całus
Over the past few months, Chisinau has adopted a more assertive policy regarding the Transnistrian issue.
Analyses | | Tadeusz A Olszański
The election procedures did not comply with generally accepted democratic standards.
Analyses | | Wojciech Konończuk, Szymon Kardaś, Agata Łoskot-Strachota
We cannot rule out the possibility that the gas ‘ceasefire’ will be violated before the date specified in the protocol.
OSW Commentary | | Tadeusz A Olszański
We may expect the UOC to continue avoiding taking a clear stance on the present conflict.
Analyses | | Agata Wierzbowska-Miazga
The results of the election in Ukraine are not good for Moscow. The outcome is the price Russia needs to pay for its policy towards Ukraine.