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Analyses | | Agata Wierzbowska-Miazga, Tadeusz A Olszański
Poroshenko received a very strong mandate, although he is now facing dramatic challenges.
Point of View | | Jolanta Darczewska
Information warfare has a long tradition in Russia. Over the past few years it has been redefined, using geopolitical theory as its foundation.
Analyses | | Andrzej Sadecki
As regards the Ukrainian-Russian conflict, Hungary will barely be able to maintain its neutral position.
Analyses | | Agata Wierzbowska-Miazga, Tadeusz Iwański, Piotr Żochowski
In the immediate future, we should expect the separatists to take measures to increase control over the Donbas.
Analyses | | Arkadiusz Sarna
The IMF’s decision to grant Ukraine a loan represents the most tangible form of support which the West has extended to the present government in Kyiv.
Analyses | | Marek Menkiszak, Agata Wierzbowska-Miazga
Russia wants to see international talks involving the pro-Russian opposition to continue, which will increase political pressure on Kyiv.
Analyses | | Wojciech Konończuk
The authorities in Kyiv have proved unable to control the rapid expansion of the separatists’ activities.