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Point of View | | Witold Rodkiewicz
Russia’s long-term goal is to prevent the reunification of the Korean peninsula under the aegis of the United States and to weaken the US ’s position in the
Analyses | | Justyna Gotkowska
On 4 December, the NATO Foreign Affairs Ministers issued a statement confirming that Russia had violated the 1987 Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty on the elimination of ground-launch ballistic and cruise missiles with a range…
Analyses | | Witold Rodkiewicz, Michał Bogusz
The 4th Eastern Economic Forum in Vladivostok was principally the setting for a meeting between Vladimir Putin and the leaders of China, Japan, Mongolia and South Korea.
OSW Commentary | | Jakub Jakóbowski, Mariusz Marszewski
The currency crisis, caused by the collapse in gas prices, has turned into the most serious social and political crisis in the history of Turkmenistan.
OSW Commentary | | Jakub Jakóbowski, Konrad Popławski
Donald Trump’s aggressive policy towards Beijing and the spectre of a trade war have served as a catalyst for the resumption of dialogue between China and the EU. 
Analyses | | Konrad Popławski
The Chinese company Yantai Taihai withdrew from its attempt to purchase Leifeld Metal Spinning, a manufacturer of machinery and spare parts for the aerospace industry.
OSW Commentary | | Jakub Jakóbowski
Donald Trump has pursued his strategy of stepping up pressure on Beijing by threatening it with a tariff war since March 2018. 
Analyses | | Krzysztof Dębiec, Jakub Jakóbowski
The serious financial problems of the private company CEFC China Energy have affected the company’s activities in the Czech Republic.
OSW Commentary | | Jakub Jakóbowski, Michał Bogusz
At its annual session in March 2018, the National People’s Congress approved a series of changes to the structure and organisation of the Central People’s Government.
Analyses | | Mateusz Seroka, Jakub Jakóbowski
The Hrvatske Ceste company and a Chinese consortium led by the China Road and Bridge Corporation signed a contract worth around €281 million to construct a bridge to the Peljesac peninsula in Croatia.