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OSW Commentary | | Tadeusz Iwański

The countries of Eastern European and China have been increasingly interested in deepening bilateral contacts over the past few years. In the case of Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova this has been caused by the bad economic situation which…

OSW Commentary | | Rafał Sadowski

In 2011 the European Union began a process aimed at reforming its policy on the Eastern and Southern Neighbourhood. The change in circumstances in neighbouring countries following the Arab Spring, along with the lack of significant…

OSW Commentary | | Anna Kwiatkowska, Konrad Mazur
One year after the events of Fukushima the implementation of the new German energy strategy adopted in the summer of 2011 is being verified.
OSW Commentary | | Iwona Wiśniewska
In recent weeks, Rosneft, a Russian state-owned oil company, has signed co-operation agreements with three Western corporations: America’s ExxonMobil, Italy’s Eni, and Norway’s Statoil.