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Analyses | | Mateusz Seroka
According to the prosecutor, the coup was prepared at the Kremlin’s order by Russian nationalist groups, and one of the coup’s organisers was an Russian officer.
Analyses | | Mateusz Seroka
The parliamentary elections in Montenegro were won by the Democratic Party of Socialists (DPS) under Prime Minister Milo Djukanović.
Analyses |
Montenegro’s accession to NATO will be the apogee of the pro-Western policy of their Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic who has been in power since 1991.
Analyses | | Marta Szpala
The European Council has not taken a decision on whether to grant candidate status to Serbia, or on opening accession negotiations with Montenegro, despite the European Commission’s positive recommendations. Both issues will be addressed…
Analyses | | Tomasz Dąborowski, Marta Szpala
On 19 October the Chinese corporation China Guangdong Nuclear Power Group entered into an agreement for access to confidential information concerning the development of the Cernavoda nuclear power plant in Romania. During that same week,…
Analyses | | Tomasz Dąborowski, Marta Szpala
Judging from the experience of how the third energy package was adopted in EU member states, it will be extremely difficult for the Energy Community states to implement these regulations within such a short timeframe.
Analyses |
On 17 December the Council of the EU officially granted Montenegro EU candidate status. This decision is a signal for the Balkan countries that the enlargement process is being continued. However, it cannot be expected that accession…
OSW Commentary | | Marta Szpala
Increasingly serious challenge for integrating the Balkan states is the EU's growing reluctance to enlarge any further. Among other measures, the EU states have blocked the formal acknowledgement of the integration progress, which has…
OSW Studies |
Foreword Ten years after the end of the armed conflict, the Western Balkans are still being considered as the "land of the unsuccessful policies". Enormous financial and technical assistance transferred by the International Community has…
OSW Studies | | Stanisław Tekieli
European leaders promised the Western Balkan states during the EU summit in Thessaloniki in June 2003 that their future was within the united Europe, and that each of them could prospectively become an EU member.