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OSW Report | | Michał Kędzierski, Rafał Bajczuk

For years, Germany has claimed to be the leader of global climate policy and has continued to raise the issue of global warming on…

OSW Report | | Konrad Popławski, Rafał Bajczuk
For several decades industry has been the strength of the German economy. The Fourth Industrial Revolution, characterised by the wide use of the internet &digital technologies in all spheres of the economy, is transforming…
OSW Report | | Artur Ciechanowicz

Since the beginning of the civil war in Syria, around 810 individuals from Germany have travelled to the Middle East to support Islamic terror groups.

OSW Report | | Rafał Bajczuk

Natural gas, after crude oil, is the most important energy carrier in the German economy. Over the past twenty years, natural gas has been the only conventional energy carrier to have increased its share in the German energy basket.

OSW Report | | Konrad Popławski

The latest results from the Visegrád Group states show them to be Germany’s most important trading partner.

OSW Report | | Kamil Frymark

For years, development policy has attracted the attention of public opinion in Germany and been strongly supported by the public.

OSW Report | | Konrad Popławski

The Eurozone crisis has forced German exporters to speed up their expansion onto the emerging markets, in particular Brazil, Russia, India and China

OSW Report | | Marta Zawilska-Florczuk, Konrad Popławski, Anna Kwiatkowska, Piotr Buras

Zainicjowana  w maju 2011 roku, kilka miesięcy po awarii elektrowni atomowej w Fukushimie transformacja energetyczna RFN przedstawiana jest jako decyzja ostateczna, a ze względu na narzucone tempo zmian stanowi nową jakość w strategii…

OSW Report | | Konrad Popławski
The aim of this report is to look at the EU budget from the point of view of Germany as one of the greatest beneficiaries of EU policies. The text presents the significance of particular budget items for Germany, such as the Common…
OSW Report | | Justyna Gotkowska
Contact network building and political lobbying, development co-operation programmes and foreign cultural and science policy are vital for supporting the German economy – which relies heavily on exports – and for the country’s…