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Analyses | | Maria Domańska
The new act is part of the Russian government’s increasingly repressive domestic policies.
Analyses | | Józef Lang
Russia is trying to use the Central Asia's leaders fear to increase its influence in the area of security in the region.
Analyses | | Jan Strzelecki
In recent weeks, Russia has stepped up its diplomatic activity on Ukraine.
OSW Commentary | | Maria Domańska
The Victory Day celebrations this year were set in particular international and domestic context.
Point of View | | Jolanta Darczewska
The authors of the Russian Federation's military doctrine have outlined the concept of information warfare.
Analyses | | Katarzyna Chawryło, Jan Strzelecki
The report summarises previous publications on the presence in Ukraine of regular units of the Russian army, mercenaries paid by Russia and Russian military equipment.
Analyses | | Andrzej Wilk
The new construction solutions above all allow Russia to close the gap on the West’s technological level.
Analyses | | Marcin Kaczmarski, Szymon Kardaś
Xi Jinping’s visit to Moscow displayed a commonality of interests between Russia and China in the context of both countries’ historical policies.