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OSW Commentary | | Jakub Jakóbowski

The development of the ‘16+1’ format largely reflected China’s strategic aims defined at the beginning of the diplomatic offensive in the region.

OSW Commentary | | Tadeusz A Olszański, Tadeusz Iwański, Wojciech Konończuk, Piotr Żochowski

Over the past few months Kyiv has initiated a few major changes, but the delays in the reform process are growing.

OSW Commentary | | Piotr Szymański

The Baltic states have responded to the increasing Russian military potential by taking measures to strengthen their own military potential.

OSW Commentary | | Jakub Jakóbowski

The new Chinese agenda to actively develop trade cooperation with the CEE region particularly emphasised one sector of trade.

OSW Commentary | | Rafał Bajczuk

As the government admits, in order to reach the long-term emission reduction objectives, it is necessary to completely liquidate the coal energy industry.

OSW Commentary | | Marta Jaroszewicz

The year 2015 brought a rapid surge in the number of Ukrainians migrating to the EU, again mainly to Poland.

OSW Commentary | | Aleksandra Jarosiewicz, Krzysztof Strachota

Opportunities to reduce Turkey’s Syrian refugee influx to Europe are now severely limited.

OSW Commentary | | Piotr Żochowski, Tadeusz Iwański

Conflict with Russia has diverted the Kyiv’s attention away from the deterioration of the situation in regions which are not threatened by direct aggression.

OSW Commentary | | Katarzyna Chawryło, Maria Domańska

The situation of the third sector in Russia, i.e. the civil society structures independent from the state, is worsening on a regular basis.

OSW Commentary | | Artur Ciechanowicz

The rapid increase in the number of immigrants from outside of the EU coming to Germany has become the paramount political issue.