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Analyses | | Andrzej Wilk

The ongoing militarisation of the Russian state raises questions about its long-term consequences.

Analyses | | Jadwiga Rogoża

The regional elections illustrate the evolution of the socio-political situation in Russia, which has taken on its final shape following the annexation of Crimea.

Analyses | | Agata Łoskot-Strachota

The problems with Russian gas have further increased concerns about the security of supplies.

Analyses | | Rafał Sadowski, Agata Wierzbowska-Miazga

A precedent: the EU recognises the right of Russia to influence the shape of EU relations with the countries of the former USSR.

OSW Studies | | Szymon Kardaś

Moscow is preparing itself for the ‘long game’ in gas with its European partners.

Analyses | | Rafał Sadowski, Agata Wierzbowska-Miazga

The agreement won't bring an end to the conflict. Its vague and general provisions allow a great deal of flexibility in its interpretation by both parties.

Analyses | | Piotr Żochowski, Rafał Sadowski, Marek Menkiszak

The Kremlin’s decision to launch a direct military intervention was apparently a reaction to the threat of the collapse of the so-called People's Republics.