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Analyses | | Artur Ciechanowicz

Angela Merkel’s fall in popularity is accompanied by growing criticism of the German chancellor from within her own political background.

Analyses | | Rafał Sadowski

On 20 September, at the initiative of the Crimean Tatars’ self-government organisation, a blockade of checkpoints allowing passage to Crimea began.

Analyses | | Tomasz Dąborowski

Romania is being ever more often put forward by the European Commission as an example of a country fighting corruption in an uncompromising manner.

Analyses | | Witold Rodkiewicz

The Kremlin’s overall aim is to use the crisis caused by the Syrian civil war to overcome Russia’s limited isolation, imposed by the West.

Analyses | | Konrad Popławski

The firm has admitted its guilt and may face a penalty of US$18 billion, the equivalent of one year’s profit.

Analyses | | Konrad Popławski

German politicians are concerned about the estimated costs of migrants’ living expenses and their integration into the labour market.

Analyses | | Joanna Hyndle-Hussein

The governments of the Baltic states initially voluntarily declared they would accept refugees.

Analyses | | Mateusz Gniazdowski

The delegations from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Romania voted against the decision to allocate refugees among the EU countries.

Analyses | | Marta Szpala

The closing of the Hungarian border with Serbia on 15 September resulted in the diversion of the flow of migrants.

OSW Report | | Maciej Falkowski, Józef Lang

Islam in the former USSR and the phenomenon of the post-Soviet militants in Syria and Iraq.