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Analyses | | Artur Ciechanowicz
The Court of Justice of the EU awarded that Germany had not breached the principle of the free movement of capital and could uphold its veto over Volkswagen’s strategic decisions
Analyses | | Marek Matusiak
Giorgi Margvelashvili, the candidate of the ruling Georgian Dream coalition, has won the presidential election, taking 62% of the vote
Analyses | | Jakub Groszkowski
The real winner of the election is ANO 2011, which has attracted crowds of voters frustrated with the activity of the traditional political parties
Analyses | | Agata Wierzbowska-Miazga
The Customs Union summit revealed crisis of the Russian project of integration instead of success, which is so desired by the Kremlin before EaP summit in Vilnius
Analyses | | Tomasz Dąborowski, Andrzej Wilk
On 28 October, work started in southern Romania on installing elements of the US missile defence system. It is failure of Russian security policy.  
Analyses | | Szymon Ananicz
On 22 October the Council of the European Union decided to open a negotiating chapter on regional policy in its accession negotiations with Ankara. A week earlier the European Commission published a report which detailed the reforms which…
Analyses | | Wojciech Górecki
On 21 October, a bomb was detonated on a bus in Volgograd in southern Russia. According to the Russian Investigative Committee, the attack was carried out by a suicide bomber from Dagestan, 31-year-old Naida Asiyalova. Six people were…
Analyses | | Jadwiga Rogoża
On 16 October the regional court in Kirov handed down its sentence to the opposition leader Aleksei Navalny. The court upheld the sentence of five years’ imprisonment, but suspended the sentence for that period of time. The trial of…
Analyses | | Marta Zawilska-Florczuk
On 20 October, the SPD members decided to enter into coalition talks with CDU/CSU after three rounds of exploratory discussions. Despite Chancellor Merkel's declarations that she is seeking to establish a government as quickly as possible…
Analyses | | Marek Matusiak
On 27 October presidential elections will be held in Georgia. The favourite to win is the candidate of the ruling Georgian Dream (GD) coalition, Giorgi Margvelashvili. These elections are a turning point in the country’s recent history.…