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OSW Report | | Marta Jaroszewicz
The increased wave of migration from Ukraine to Poland which began in 2014 is slowly beginning to decelerate. This migration is still mainly temporary in nature, and it is difficult to assess to what extent it may become fully residential.
Analyses | | Marta Jaroszewicz
The European Commission put forward a proposal of new rules for the financing of the external assistance and neighbourhood policy.
OSW Commentary | | Piotr Żochowski, Marta Jaroszewicz
Systemic corruption has been the dominant problem of an independent Ukraine for more than two decades.
Analyses | | Krzysztof Strachota, Marta Jaroszewicz
The crisis has placed the EU in the role of a supplicant to Ankara, which has drawn Turkey in from the ongoing marginalisation on the international stage.
OSW Commentary | | Marta Jaroszewicz
The year 2015 brought a rapid surge in the number of Ukrainians migrating to the EU, again mainly to Poland.
Analyses | | Mateusz Gniazdowski, Marta Jaroszewicz
New developments in the migration crisis should be expected in Central Europe. The migration pressure on Greece is increasing.
Analyses | | Marta Szpala, Marta Jaroszewicz
A further escalation of the crisis should be expected, not only in Macedonia but also in Serbia.
OSW Commentary | | Marta Jaroszewicz, Piotr Żochowski
From a public opinion point of view, corruption has been the gravest problem of today’s Ukraine, excepting the armed conflict in the east of the country.
Analyses | | Marta Jaroszewicz, Kamil Całus
The experience of the last year indicates that the lifting of the EU visa regime for Moldovans hasn't had impact on migration security in EU countries.
Analyses | | Marta Jaroszewicz
Ukraine launched the long-awaited process of issuing biometric passports, and thus met one of the EU’s key requirements for the abolition of visas.