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Analyses | | Jan Strzelecki, Rafał Sadowski
Electricity supplies from mainland Ukraine to Crimea were completely severed overnight on 21 and 22 November.
Analyses | | Rafał Sadowski, Jan Strzelecki
At the meeting in Paris, discussions began about the possible extension of the implementation of the Minsk agreements.
Analyses | | Jan Strzelecki, Tadeusz Iwański
The pro-Russian committee has assembled in Moscow. It is composed of discredited politicians who have escaped from Ukraine.
Analyses | | Szymon Kardaś, Tadeusz Iwański
Moscow’s consent to extend the winter package represents a concession to Ukraine.
Analyses | | Ewa Fischer, Jadwiga Rogoża
The past year of Crimea as part of the Russian Federation has shown that any resolution of the peninsula’s problems seems unlikely in the near future.
Analyses | | Szymon Kardaś
The suspension by Naftogaz of gas supplies to the Donbas has been treated by Moscow as a pretext to unfreeze the Russian-Ukrainian gas dispute.
Analyses | | Witold Rodkiewicz, Rafał Sadowski, Andrzej Wilk
The formal coming into force of a ceasefire, in accordance with the Minsk agreements, has not stopped the fighting in the east of Ukraine.
Analyses | | Szymon Kardaś, Wojciech Konończuk
The document will bring only a temporary halt to the ongoing conflict in the east of Ukraine.
Analyses | | Marek Menkiszak, Wojciech Konończuk
Russia intends to move closer to achieving its key goal: to subjugate Ukraine.  
Analyses | | Katarzyna Chawryło, Witold Rodkiewicz
The Novorossiya movement has been out of the public eye and it is no accident that its reactivation has coincided with an escalation of clashes in Ukraine.