Putin for the fourth time. The state of and prospects for Russia

The current system of government in Russia will not collapse, although signs of destabilisation may appear. The authorities will not carry out any reforms, political or economic. A process of ‘technocratisation’ will take place. The economy will remain dependent on external factors. Despite the implementation of energy infrastructure projects, exports of raw materials will not rise significantly. 

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A neighbour discovered anew

The Ukrainian-Russian war has prompted Bratislava, Prague and Budapest to take a new look at their eastern neighbourhood. Cooperation with Ukraine is gaining momentum, although relations with Russia are still the top priority for the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary.

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Jakub Groszkowski
Tadeusz Iwański
Andrzej Sadecki
The never-ending collapse. The state of the Ukrainian oil sector

The oil industry does not play a major role in the Ukrainian energy sector and has smaller economic and political significance than the gas, coal and nuclear sectors. The issues linked to the Ukrainian fuel sector are rarely given publicity in the mass media. Meanwhile, a comprehensive analysis reveals that there has been a painful and durable collapse in this strategic branch of the economy. 

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Wojciech Konończuk
Islamic State in Germany, Germans in Islamic State

Since the beginning of the civil war in Syria, around 810 individuals from Germany have travelled to the Middle East to support Islamic terror groups.

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Artur Ciechanowicz
Kaliningrad Oblast 2016

Moscow has been developing a new model of governance for Kaliningrad Oblast in 2016.

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Iwona Wiśniewska
Maria Domańska
Jan Strzelecki
Piotr Żochowski
Andrzej Wilk
Marek Menkiszak

Natural gas, after crude oil, is the most important energy carrier in the German economy.

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Rafał Bajczuk
Dependence management

Natural gas, after crude oil, is the most important energy carrier in the German economy. Over the past twenty years, natural gas has been the only conventional energy carrier to have increased its share in the German energy basket.

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Rafał Bajczuk

The latest results from the Visegrád Group states show them to be Germany’s most important trading partner.

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Konrad Popławski
Paradoxes of stabilisation

The Western Balkans, including Bosnia and Herzegovina, is playing a prominent role in the framework of V4 cooperation.

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Islam in the former USSR and the phenomenon of the post-Soviet militants in Syria and Iraq.

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Maciej Falkowski
Józef Lang