Putin’s Cossacks

Russia’s Cossacks evoke extreme opinions among observers: some see them as a marginal social phenomenon, a kind of political folklore; others as a morally and physically healthy part of the nation, a pillar of the modern paramilitary formations which defend the national and cultural borders of the Russian Federation. 

Point of View
Jolanta Darczewska
The coup as a founding myth

The Republic of Turkey has been undergoing a thorough transformation since 2002 under the rule of the Justice and Development Party (AKP). On the ideological level this transformation entered a decisive stage after the coup of 15 July 2016 which was thwarted by the government’s supporters.

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Mateusz Chudziak
Conflict-dependent Russia

The Kremlin’s foreign policy is subordinate above all to the domestic political aims of the ruling elite.

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Maria Domańska
The great decommunisation

The war with Russia which began in 2014 has triggered serious changes in the way history is thought about by the Ukrainian public, especially in opinion-forming circles. The liberal reflection critical about the nationalist tradition initiated somewhat earlier has been rejected since wartime requires heroic narratives above all.

Point of View
Tadeusz A. Olszański
Active measures. Russia’s key export

The remarks presented in this paper show the complexity and multi-dimensionality of the techniques referred to as ‘active measures’. The renaissance of this question currently observable today has called their role in causing crises into prominence.

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Jolanta Darczewska
Piotr Żochowski
The Drifting of China's Reforms

The slackening pace of important economic reforms, as well as the stimulus measures taken in response to the 2008 crisis to boost investments, have all led to a huge build-up of debt and created imbalances in the Chinese economy, including in the financial markets and the industrial sector.

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Jakub Jakóbowski
Russia’s best enemy.

Relations between Russia and the United States are characterised by an asymmetry against Russia, whose expectations vis-à

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Marek Menkiszak
The peninsula as an island

Regardless of the transport and social problems, the vast majority of the population have remained on the peninsula adapting to the new situation.

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Wojciech Górecki

The New Silk Road is China’s main foreign policy project, devised under Xi Jinping.

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Marcin Kaczmarski

More than two years after the Maidan revolution, it is fully justified to say that the oligarchic system remains a key mechanism in Ukraine’s political and economic life. The oligarchs have been able to hold on to their influence thanks to the weakness of the government in Kyiv and the fact that they still possess powerful instruments to defend their positions.

Point of View
Wojciech Konończuk