Ukraine’s presidential elections, 2019. The main candidates

For the first time in the history of independent Ukraine, seven months before the presidential election, it is difficult to determine not only who the most likely winner will be, but also which two candidates will make it into the second round. 

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Tadeusz Iwański
Krzysztof Nieczypor
A neighbour discovered anew

The Ukrainian-Russian war has prompted Bratislava, Prague and Budapest to take a new look at their eastern neighbourhood. Cooperation with Ukraine is gaining momentum, although relations with Russia are still the top priority for the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary.

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Jakub Groszkowski
Tadeusz Iwański
Andrzej Sadecki
The never-ending collapse. The state of the Ukrainian oil sector

The oil industry does not play a major role in the Ukrainian energy sector and has smaller economic and political significance than the gas, coal and nuclear sectors. The issues linked to the Ukrainian fuel sector are rarely given publicity in the mass media. Meanwhile, a comprehensive analysis reveals that there has been a painful and durable collapse in this strategic branch of the economy. 

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Wojciech Konończuk

In recent years, both in Poland and across Europe, the problem of international migration has been transformed from an issue which merely concerned a narrow group of analysts and officials into an area of interest for broad social circles and an important element of state policy. The significance of migration as a topic of public discourse has increased considerably

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Marta Jaroszewicz
Leszek Szerepka