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Analyses | | Mateusz Chudziak, Kamil Frymark

German Chancellor Angela Merkel met with President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan while on a visit to Turkey on 24 January. During the conversation, she announced that Germany would…

OSW Commentary | | Kamil Frymark

The three million-strong Turkish diaspora in Germany, of whom nearly a half have the right to vote, makes bilateral relations between the two countries important.

Analyses | | Anna Kwiatkowska-Drożdż, Krzysztof Strachota, Mateusz Chudziak

The current dialogue has radically changed the nature of the relationship between the EU and Turkey, and significantly raises the status of Turkey itself.

Analyses | | Kamil Frymark

The fact that intelligence information has been obtained from Turkey indicates that Germany has applied double standards towards its partners within NATO.

Analyses | | Szymon Ananicz, Kamil Frymark

On 24–25 February Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel visited Turkey, where she expressed her support for the continuation of Ankara's accession negotiations with the EU, after France unblocked the negotiating chapter on regional policy…

Analyses | | Justyna Gotkowska

On 4 December, the NATO ministers of foreign affairs declared their solidarity for their fellow NATO-member Turkey in detering threats it is facing and defending it in the context of repeated violations of Turkey’s territory. The…

Analyses |
On 27th-28th February Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan paid a visit to Germany. During a meeting with Turks living in Germany he presented a proposal on how they can obtain the ‘blue card’. The…
Analyses |
Chancellor Angela Merkel met on 9–10 October in Berlin with Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan. The main subjects of the talks were the integration of Turks in Germany and the process of Turkey’s accession negotiations with…