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Analyses | | Kamil Kłysiński, Piotr Żochowski

President Alyaksandr Lukashenka informed that the Belarusian prosecution authorities had detained a group of tens of people preparing for an armed provocation.

Analyses | | Tadeusz A Olszański

The National Security and Defence Council of Ukraine (NSDC) decided to immediately suspend freight traffic from the self-proclaimed ‘republics’ in the Donbas.

OSW Commentary | | Kamil Kłysiński

In 2016 the basic macroeconomic indicators of the Belarusian economy clearly proved that the Belarusian government failed to reverse the negative trends.

Analyses | | Kamil Kłysiński

On 5th March approximately a thousand people protested in Brest against the presidential decree on ‘preventing social parasitism’.

Analyses | | Tadeusz Iwański

Nasirov was accused of the unlawful restructuring of tax arrears from businesses belonging to Oleksandr Onyshchenko.