Security and defence in Northern Europe

Developing regional cooperation in political and military affairs is becoming an ever more significant element of defence policies of NATO and EU states. Poland has deepened bi- and multilateral relations in the area of security and defence with its closer and more distant neighbours including within the Visegrad Group and the Weimar Triangle. From the Polish perspective also the development of cooperation with Nordic and Baltic states is gaining importance, as it results from a similar perception of challenges and threats, closely related positions in the NATO and EU forum and successful cooperation between armaments industries (Poland – Nordic states).

The research project “Security and defence in Northern Europe” is aimed to promote the development of dialogue with analysts from Nordic and Baltic states and analyse the potential of cooperation in the area of security and defence in the region (also in the context of NATO and the EU) from Poland’s perspective, and in this way offer support in shaping foreign and security policy. Another element of the project is the analysis of directions of defence policies and transformation of armed forces of the region’s states including also Germany.


Project coordinator: Justyna Gotkowska

Analysts: Piotr Szymański